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Payroll Service for Free 99

We help clients protect their business and team. We advise clients on health insurance benefits that help employees do their best work. We help clients protect their payroll operations and company culture. At Clark & Co Business Administration, we focus on your payroll and benefits administration, so you can focus on your business sales and revenue development.

Let us help you make an impact on your team, their wellness, and their engagement; as we integrate financial insights with crucial advice about people operations that is more powerful than traditional HR. From setting up and managing payroll, delivering health benefits administration, worker's compensation insurance, hiring and onboarding employees. Our certified payroll management advisor will

  • setup and manage your business payroll

  • onboard new employees

  • provide your business with practical tools and knowledge to realize efficiencies

  • strengthen the employee-employer relationship

  • elevate team expansion and abundance

When we set up and manage your payroll. You get the first month for free. Give us a call today, at 917-892-5872 so we can take the ache out of your administrative headache.

Or simply get paid $100, if you decide you want to setup and self-manage your business payroll. You can redeem this offer at any time.


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