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Sales Tax Quick Start Guide

Do you need your business New York state sales tax filed and prepared? Or do you need out of state business sales tax filed and prepared? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. We take care of your current year sales tax filing, missing back tax years, and amended sales tax returns. Click this link to learn more about our Sales Tax Filing service.

Step 1: Make your Appointment for

  • Sales Tax Returns

  • State Sales Tax Return Filing

  • Fix Sales Tax Returns (Amend)

  • Back Sales Tax Filing (File Missing Sales Tax Returns)

Step 2: Meet with a licensed Tax Accountant

  • Christina Clark, M.S., EA Federal Tax Accountant & Private Business Accountant who is a licensed accountant who specializes NY sales tax, Out of State sales tax, in all areas of tax, business accounting, bookkeeping, and who is an Advanced QuickBooks Pro Advisor.


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