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Win the Tax Game

Live Masterclass Webinar

Course Description

According to the IRS, the average total time business owners spend doing their business taxes is 23 hours. Taxpayers with their own businesses spend far more time on tax preparation than nonbusiness taxpayers.

52% of business owners say they think they pay too much in taxes. But not all business owners are exactly educated on the topic. Many new business owners believe that individual tax law is the exact same as business tax law; and often misconstrue the application of tax law when it comes to operating their business. Which routinely results in costly tax and financial accidents. 62% of business owners believe that an accountant might be able to do more to reduce these tax payments; according to the National Business Capital.

By the end of this masterclass, you will know the exact way to keep your business in good standing with the government, conduct business in a manner that helps you reap the rewards of the tax game, prevent costly tax accidents and wrongdoing.

Learning Objectives

· Recognize what to prioritize in order to become a thriving tax compliant business owner.

· Identify tax laws, regulators, and tax tips that will improve your proficiency in business tax.

· Determine how warning signs and specific behaviors can prevent you from experiencing business tax fraud, criminal penalties, and civil penalties.

Presented By Christina Clark M.S., Federal Tax Accountant & Private Business Accountant


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